atlas wolfert

weird wolf beats vol. 1

weird wolf beats vol. 1 cover art

after a year and a half of fucking around in fl studio, i finally have an ep! most of these tracks have already been released, but two of em have been sitting in my digital desk drawer for too long and i wanted them to see the light of day already. i originally planned to create an album, but with my current level of experience i was way in over my head, and i wanted to finish it off with a gabber track but i couldn't figure out how to make it sound good. so instead, here's an ep. there's download links at the bottom of the page too, in flac and mp3 format.

living forever in the far reaches of the cosmos

183 BPM • made between february and march 2022

i had finished a few tracks before this in lmms, but this was the first one i actually liked and took seriously. its definitely rough around the edges compared to my newer stuff, but it was an important milestone for me. it's decidedly a more modern-sounding dnb track than my later stuff, which i'm not into as much, but i liked how it turned out nonetheless. it was originally a much different track, being a 300 bpm eardrum blower at a time where i didn't know how to do much of anything music-wise, and i was finding ways to cope with a friendship that crashed and burned in a horrific fashion mere days prior. the only surviving element from that early version is the distorted 808 kick that's present through most of the track. after fucking around with making it a weird lil 96 bpm ditty, it ended up taking its current form.

pink and white wolf in the forest

170 BPM • made between april and june 2022

this was my first jungle track, before it ending up becoming the most prominent genre in my music output up to this point. though i still like the use of reverb (it's honestly kinda more creative than my later tracks), i couldn't figure out what i wanted to do for the middle part and it ended up becoming, in my opinion, even at the time, boring. still, i like how the rest of the track turned out

robotic thigh highs

190 BPM • made between january and february 2023

after months of not producing anything i liked enough to finish, i started 2023 with a bang and a half. not only my first track in ages, but my first non-dnb track in even longer, i feel like i learnt a lot during and before the creation of this track. i dont know what specific genre this fits under, but i'm guessing some kinda hardcore? idk. either way its a good track. by the way, the weird distorted vocals are actually taken from the breencast speeches from half life 2

emotion engine

178 BPM • made between march and april 2023

this has been sitting in my digital desk drawer for too damn long. this track has a sort of ps2 theme going for it, hence the ps2 bios samples and the name, which comes from the ps2's cpu. the last part was also the first time i tried creating an actual melody and incorporated it into a song


185 BPM • made in july 2023

this was meant to be sort of a sister track to emotion engine, hence being a jungle track and being named after the gamecube's gpu. unlike emotion engine, this doesn't have any sort of gamecube theme to it, but flipper is a nice name nonetheless. this is also, personally, my favorite track i've made so far

umbrella (atlas wolfert poggy doggy rmx)

174 BPM • made in august 2023

and now we're at my most recent track, and the final track of this ep! i made this so i could have something to release while the (now-cancelled) album was taking forever to finish. after listening to dylan brady's california gurls remix on repeat (cause it's literally fucking liquid estrogen), i got the idea to make a similar-ish remix of a pop song from the late 2000s/early 2010s that my whole generation remembers and i ended up landing on umbrella. this also happens to be my first vocal track due to its nature as a remix. it's kinda rough around the edges and the vocals are too quiet since i banged this out in two afternoons. still, i like how it turned out. i also happened to release this the same day i started hrt uwu

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