atlas wolfert

twitter (very nsfw, 18+ only)

this is where i'm most active. i mostly just post fatfur stuff so heads up if ur not into that (and if ur under 18 fuck off)

furaffinity (also 18+)

i literally just use this website for fatfur stuff lol


not very active here, but i post my music here whenever i finish a project


much more active here than soundcloud, i also post a buncha mashups here

discord server (also 18+)

not very active, but i figured i'd link it here anyway. just like my twitter it has nsfw so if ur under 18 fuck off

mastodon (, also 18+)

a fatfur-oriented mastodon instance since twitters going down the drain. not very active here

bluesky (also 18+)

my newly-created bluesky account, courtesy of a very good friend who gave me an invite code. after bluesky opens up to everyone i'll probably migrate here from twitter completely